Removal of FCC catalyst

  The sudden rise in a recent crude oil prices is remarkable, therefore, the ratio of “FCC fuel oil” for the ship have a tendency to rise more and more.  FCC oil is abbreviation of Fluid Catalytic Cracking Oil and some catalysts such silica and alumina are included. These catalysts are used in the refining processes and they are collected and recycled, however, some catalysts remain in the slurry oil, and they inevitably mix with fuel oil for ship.

  The excessive wear problem in the fuel injection system got up suddenly 25 years ago. The fuel injection pump, plunger, piston ring and cylinder liner are worn are worn out at the early stage. Moreover, it leads a blow-by of exhaust gas and a wear of the main bearing and crankpin metal at the early stage. The cause of this problem turned out FCC catalyst in the fuel, and they became frantic with the measures.

    Process of making marine fuel oil

FCC catalyst is 60microns on the average, but they become small 3 to 15microns when they use at “FCC device”.

Diameter μm 3〜5 5〜10 10〜15 15〜20 20〜25  over 25
Distribution % 23.3 45.4 13.4 6.9 3.5 7.5
Particle size distribution in FCC slurry oil

There is a report that 60ppm catalyst did not cause any engine troubles whereas only 30ppm catalyst caused serious trouble with injection system after one sailing.  That means it is a difficult question what kind of bunker we should adopt and how much amount of catalyst we should remove.

When we consider of the clearance in the engine sliding part, 5 to 10-micron-particles should be removed almost 100%.  As it is difficult under the present situation, we decrease the flow rate of the centrifuge or adopt a better filter (filterability) than the second filter.  Our ROT Filter - 5microns - is suited to the solution for FCC and gives marvelous results.  A lot of ROT Filter has been adopted up to now.

  However, nominal 10μfilter with no articles of consumption began to be highlighted recently.  Therefore, we developed a new automatic back-flush type filter named SK Filter.  The filterability of this filter is 5microns and it has no articles of consumption.  You will obtain marvelous results without buying and exchanging the cartridge.

Catalogue: ROT for FCC; SK for FCC

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